What exactly are you offering?

A series of virtual courses, workshops and on-line one to one meetings.  This work is not just ‘head stuff’, it will involve the whole of you – mind, soul and body and together we will find what works for you with all the creativity at our disposal.  It is vital that you are fully involved in the process , this is your life, your spirit, your journey.  For you I will be a sign post, an advocate, a source of knowledge and experience, someone to explore ideas with, and to introduce you to other landscapes of consciousness and spirituality.

How does this process begin?

I will help you to explore what it is to be a more fully aware human being. Help you understand and own the spiritual side of yourself, this in itself will help you to be more at ease with your life and enable you to make changes where necessary.  Our world is also full of spiritual energies and beings and another part of the work is to help you explore relationships with some of them.  We will work together using different means including meditations, story,  visualisations, and simple ritual practices.

Some of the core topics we will cover to start with are:

The magical art of Perspective..are all your thoughts really yours?

Reflecting on human consciousness as a living, transformable energy.

Getting into relationship with earth, fire, air and water. It’s important!  We are bodily formed and sustained by the elements, from your electric heater to the blood that pumps through your veins.

The Green World of Nature. The true beauty of nature is right here right now if you know how to look, and if you talk to her, she will talk back.

We don’t live on a lump of rock!  Connecting with our home,  the Living Earth.

Operation  ‘Covert Meditation’, and tips for fitting spiritual practices into a busy life

Is it religious, pagan, or what?

It draws on the Western Spiritual Traditions which can be traced back thousands of years.  All genuine spiritual traditions have to evolve and be appropriate and accessible to anyone in any era.  What we are working with now is the sum total of all that has gone before.  So now, in the 2000’s, we can describe it in terms of transforming our consciousness without having to have an affiliation to any particular spiritual system.

How long would I need your services for?

That depends entirely on  you and your journey.  Work with me for three months and you will learn some useful things that you can apply to your daily life.  You may find that that is all you need.  Or you may find that it leads you to exploring a particular path with a new mentor.  Or you may find that you wish to go deeper in your work with me.  You will know what is right for you when the time comes.

What results can I expect?

You will notice yourself change, both in the way you respond in your daily life, and in your perspective of what life is.  Over time you will become more conscious about your behaviours, choices, reactions, and actions.  You will become more fully yourself, who you are capable of being.  The changes are subtle, especially at first.  For example, you will find yourself suddenly thinking something like… was that really me just then?  I never would have said/reacted/thought/done that a few weeks ago. 

You will also begin to get a sense of the spiritual beings that surround us constantly and learn how to discern which ones to work with and how you communicate with them effectively.

We will not go too fast in this work, that would be the equivalent of learning to drive at 80mph. No crashes here please, there must be time for regular assimilation.

Does it really work?

No question, if you put the effort in, it will work

How quickly can I expect results?

This is a gently-does-it programme as I’ve said, but you can expect to notice subtle changes within a few weeks.  The changes you experience will be equal to the amount of energy you put in.   Think of it as learning a new skill, like playing a musical instrument.  You will not produce beautiful melodies without commitment. 

Do I need to be a certain kind of person, or have special  qualities?

No, and absolutely everyone has special qualities.  What is necessary is that you are prepared to put some work in yourself. 

Is there anyone it wouldn’t work for?

No-one I know of.  But I would say that it would not be suitable for anyone with a serious or on-going mental health issue as I am not qualified in that area.

How can I be sure of getting results?

By doing the work!

I don’t have a lot of free time, will it still work?

Yes.  What you need to do is carve out some time for yourself.  Find 15 minutes a day to start with..it doesn’t matter how late or early.  In addition there are things you can do ‘on the hoof’, for example learning to meditate while you walk. 

I’m interested, how do I find out more?

Contact me through this site and I will be in touch to arrange a meeting by phone, skype or some other means.  We will treat our meeting as if we were having coffee together and have a chat and get to know each other a little, which will give you a better idea if what I’m offering is for you. We can also discuss costs, dates, timings, that sort of thing.   This meeting is of course free of charge.